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Modernising my dated living room


Who Eleanor Jane
Where Whynbrae, West Yorkshire
Budget £5,000 - £10,000
Package Project Management Package

When we bought our 1950s house 2 years ago, we knew it needed an upgrade. The decor had lots of pinks, pea-greens and florals in the wallpapers, curtains, and plaster detailing and we favour a more simple, modern style.

I was 5 months pregnant with baby number 2 at the time and I wanted at least one space in the house that I would be able to feel calm in. So we made the decision to re-decorate the living room before we even unpacked the boxes!

To begin the process, all the walls were stripped and the plaster detailing and niche’s removed and patched up.

The new modern wood burning stove sits back within the chimney so doesn’t take usable space away from the room. The fire sits upon a glass hearth, revealing the new oak floorboards underneath, giving the floor an uninterrupted look.

Artwork and family photos have been restricted to black and white and a cream textured rug breaks up the floor and provides interest.

I have had the TV wall mounted on a flexible bracket to allow it to sit back against the wall when not in use. Adding a floating oak shelf above the unit, frames the TV and provides a space to display art etc.

Top tip: siting your TV against a darker hue allows the colours on the screen to appear more vibrant.

With young children, the living room is our sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day. For me, this room is now perfect. I can come in here when the kids have gone to bed, pour a glass of wine and unwind.

And what does Hubby think?…

“I can't believe its the same room. I Love it!”