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Boy's Bedroom Design


Who James
Where Ossett, near Leeds, West Yorkshire
Budget £2,000 - £5,000
Package Managed Project

This brand new bedroom makes up part of a two storey extension, so although a good sized room, there are a number of awkward alcoves and indents which have been created to allow space for a small corridor into the second new bedroom and box in central bathroom pipes running down the centre of the house.

Our aim was to create a furniture layout which disguised these unusual shapes and made them feel integral to the design.

The occupant of the new room is a four year-old boy who has been tractor mad since he was two! When asked what he wanted in his room (aged three) he said 'red with a red tractor in it and a trailer with hay bails'.

So the theme of the design is vehicles (predominantly tractors). We have gone for a green, blue and red colour scheme, to create a bright, stimulating and fun feel to the space. The wall colours are split into two, with green below and pale blue above. On the longest wall the straight lines have been changed into a hill shaped mural and a large tractor transfer has been fixed to the wall (including the all-important trailer with hay bails!)

I am usually nervous of themed bedrooms for children, as it can start getting expensive as their tastes mature and they want a change of theme every few years. For this reason, the furniture and high-ticket items are chosen to be fairly timeless, with paintwork doing most of the work for the theme - which is quick and cheap to paint over.

The large wardrobe is big enough to house clothing, shoes, spare bedding and large toys, and leaves plenty of spare space for growth. The long legs on the wardrobe were particularly important as they allow the wardrobe to sit above some boxed in piping to the main bathroom behind. The wall-mounted bookshelf also helps to disguise where the wall projects forward and gives the boxing purpose. Combined with the wonderfully fun bean bag chair, this creates the perfect reading corner. These chairs are so easy to make yourself, allowing you to combine any fabric choices you like. This one has a fun farm and field motif in primary colours on the top and a plain red fabric underneath.

The small red table and chairs allow a break-away space for colouring in and sticker books. These were fairly inexpensive from Ikea and can be swapped for a more mature desk space as homework becomes more challenging.

Furniture layout was the most important element of making this room work.

The space between the bed and the door is filled perfectly with an open shelving unit from Ikea. Books, toys and jigsaws are neatly stored away, and the top surface works perfectly as a bed-side table and display shelf.

The bed is a solid wood trundle bed. Strong and sturdy enough to withstand jumping and other childhood games, and the practicality of the pull-out bed underneath makes the room perfect for sleep overs.

Most importantly, this room still provides a large space for play. And all the storage means tidying up at bedtime is a quick and easy job.