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An electric fireplace adds the wow factor


Who Mr and Mrs Beech
Where Leeds, West Yorkshire
Budget £2,000 - £5,000
Package DIY Package

This Leeds based client was keen to install a focal point electric fire, whilst continuing to position the TV with a central viewing spot. The living room is a difficult space due to the position of a large window along one wall and multiple doorways, limiting the space available for furniture placement.

The client uses lots of freestanding furniture to display family photos and ornaments as well as to house the TV accessories such as speakers and DVD player.

Primarily the room is used by the couple, however they are regularly visited by their family and young grandchildren so want the room to remain a flexible space.

To begin the process, we looked at the room layout and use of space. By repositioning the sofas to sit across from one another, we opened the space allowing both the main door into the room and the double doors to open freely, allowing the space to function better.

We have chosen to relocate the radiator from the main wall, freeing up the space for the fireplace. This will be replaced with a vertical radiator, which uses much less wall space.

To incorporate both a feature fireplace and central TV, both realistically needed to be sited on the same wall. So we have designed a false chimney breast to sit in front of the main wall. The electric fire sits within this wall, and the TV is mounted above with all cables and mechanics tidally hidden from view behind the stud work. The TV will be mounted on an adjustable arm so that it can be positioned when in use, and pushed back to the wall when turned off.

Either side of the chimney breast are built-in cupboards to store the DVD player, speakers, DVDs, children toys etc and above, built-in shelving brings in the clients personality and adds character.

The curtains have been altered to be blinds, creating a crisper look and allowing flexibility to block out the suns glare without having to sit in darkness on a sunny afternoon.

A blue and brown colour scheme creates a calming vibe and helps to link the clients existing brown sofas and laminate flooring to the new design.

Is this really my living room? It's transformed.