To start with the shape and structure of the utility room had to be built within the existing garage and new drains needed to be cut out to take the waste water from the utility room and ready for the new kitchen. A frame was built within the original garage structure, which was then insulated, fitted with first fix plumbing and electrics and boarded and plastered. The window opening was raised slightly to accommodate for the floor now being higher.

Garage before any changes
Utility room wooden shell
Plastered utility room

We worked closely with the builders and the client to consider all elements of the design at the build stage. The boiler was relocated from the upstairs bathroom and a towel rail style radiator was incorporated into the design to provide somewhere to dry the dog’s towels. We even fitted an outside socket to the external wall and hot and cold outdoor taps for watering the garden, filling the kid’s paddling pool etc.

Once the build structure was in, we created a minimalist grey and white design scheme, which will follow into the main kitchen to create good flow. The kitchen units are grey with a high gloss finish to ensure natural light is bounced back into the room. The new boiler has been housed in a custom built cupboard at the end of the room so that it is hidden from view but still easily accessible. The white granite work surfaces contain a subtle grey marbling which ties the units to the work tops beautifully and the floor has been laid with luxury vinyl tile flooring in honey oak which brings warmth to the scheme, and provides a practical, hard wearing surface for a heavy use space.

Finished utility room looking at accented end wall
Finished utility room looking at window
Finished utility room looking towards kitchen

We painted the walls in a soft cream, using a good quality, durable kitchen and bathroom paint, to keep the room feeling really light and airy. We then added a teal accent on the end wall, adding a sense of drama and fun. This colour scheme is going to be mirrored and added to throughout the ground floor of the house, to ensure a link throughout each of the rooms.

This space has been so satisfying to create as it combines practicality with great design and a simple elegance that will stand the test of time. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the project as it develops.