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A Neutral Nursery for Sleeping Babies


Who Eleanor Bromley
Where Ossett
Budget Under £2,000
Package DIY Package

As a proud mum of three young children, I understand the importance of a good night's sleep, not just for the child's development but also for the parents! I also know how hard it is to achieve!

I have not been blessed with sleepy babies! Our eldest daughter took 10 months before she started to sleep through. Second time around, we thought we could learn from our mistakes and tried everything with our son earlier. This would definitely mean he would be a better sleeper we thought - we were wrong! At 3 years old he would sometimes still be getting out of bed 3 or 4 times a night.

Then came our youngest daughter. And I decided to change tact!

I needed a nursery that induced sleep, not playtime.

By changing the main purpose of the room from play space to sleeping, I chose to change the colour scheme to a calm, neutral and relaxing palette. Research into infant sleep suggests that monochrome spaces help to encourage good sleep in babies and young children. The less visual stimulation in the space, the easier they find it to soothe themselves to sleep.

Previously I had gone for bright, colourful and fun spaces - spaces that had a lot of visual stimulation to encourage learning and play. The reality is, we never seem to play in the babies bedroom anyway - and I had babies who didn't like to sleep!!

I selected a pale grey wall colour, and freshened up the old carpet with a light cream replacement. The cot and shelving were existing pieces of furniture and I brought in a mid-century wooden chair for bedtime reading and accessorised with a grey cushion.

I bought a simple white chest of drawers from Ikea and added an additional black-out blind to the window (on top of the existing black out curtains).

To add some interest to the room, I used simple geometric shapes (triangles in the light shade, circles in the drawer knobs and stars in the blind) and echoes this in a home-made wall stencil in dark grey and white along one wall.

3 wooden animal masks from Africa decorate the end wall and a simple wicker basket is used to store essential toiletries.

The end result is a dreamy, sleep-inducing nursery. And my youngest daughter is the best sleeper of the lot!*

*Disclaimer: There are no guarantees Rose's sleeping is entirely due to the decor in the room - she could just have a more sleepy disposition!!

'My baby sleeps through the night and is an excellent napper!'